Liverpool Bankruptcy Law offers legal representation to contractors working at a smaller level of construction such as roofers, landscapers, fence building companies, tree removal companies, painters, carpenters, electricians, material suppliers, etc. In addition to legal practices, we provide constant support and counseling throughout every construction project our client is engaged in.

With us, every project will definitely be a comfortable and topnotch experience. We look into legal matters while you can focus on the practical work in the field. From contracts to construction bills and building permits, there’s nothing you need to worry about. We are here to take care of every legal aspect of your construction services and projects.

No matter whether you are a small landscaping business, a mid-sized fence building company, or a vast enterprise covering all construction-related services, we promise to stand by your side throughout the process.

A Topnotch Legal Experience for Local Contractors

We understand the legal needs of our local contractors. Establishing a construction business with a number of legal regulations and requirements to fulfill is undoubtedly not an easy job. But on the other hand, we want you to realize the significance of adhering to legal standards. That’s where our utmost support and services for local contractors come in!

Availing our services makes sure that no obstacle comes in the way of your work. Here’s what we have to offer for your local contractors and small construction businesses.

Drafting and Negotiation of Contracts

Whenever you get a project, be it domestic or commercial, you need to draft and sign a contract listing down all that you are supposed to deliver and everything that the client will receive. It includes services you will provide, the time it will take, its cost, required resources, etc.

With an attorney at hand, you can rest assured that the contract is sound, legally binding, and looks into all the job site conditions and unforeseen events.

Other than this, our attorneys can also review your existing contracts to help you adhere to legal requirements.

Protecting Your Payments

Our contractor attorneys ensure that you receive your payments on the due date. That includes the costs of equipment, labor, materials, and all the other related resources. The attorney at your service will avail the entire cost of the project in contractual terms before the parties sign up. This helps you stand in a stable and secure financial position. It also allows us to take civil actions in order to recover any unpaid cost.

If the need arises, we can also file a claim to make sure you receive the total payment. We can also defend you against any such claim made by your clients or any third party.

Over the years, we have helped several local contractors to get the right sum for their services.

Helping Out With Construction Proposals

Our attorneys can help you in drafting construction proposals as well as bidding for proposals and contract interpretations. In case any of your proposals go unrewarded after acceptance, we are there to help you get your due right. We work with all kinds of contractors throughout Alabama like Auburn Fence Pros making sure they are covered legally with all of their projects.

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

In case a claim goes against you, we can offer legal assistance and take the lead throughout the arbitration and dispute resolution process. This is applicable in one-to-one cases between contractors and clients, as well as if the matter reaches the court.

Our expert attorneys are there to ensure none of your rights go subjugated.


Here, we have another valuable service to help our local contractors. If your client is unable to make the full payment or pay your construction services bill, we connect with your client to find the right way out. With us, your payments are protected no matter what!

We Protect You at Every Stage!

From drafting a contract to negotiating one and defending you via legal procedures, we act as responsible attorneys for our local contractors. We absolutely acknowledge the effort and time you put into the services that might seem petty to a layman but are part and parcel of a construction project.

Every house needs to be painted, and every garden requires landscaping and is incomplete without attractive fencing. While you make those things look best, we make sure you get what you legally and morally deserve.

At Liverpool Bankruptcy Law, we hold onto values and respect our small, local businesses. We are here to help you comply with legal regulations and standards to grow as a reliable and responsible business. The success and reputation that you are striving for is what we aim to deliver!

With our cost-effective prices and efficient services covering all the legal areas of practice, you will be glad to have chosen us at the right time. So whether you are just starting or you’re an established contractor, we promise expert legal assistance!